Rapid Traffic Secrets


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3 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Table of Contents

Introduction ………………………………………………………………………………………. 4 Method #1: Article Marketing …………………………………………………………………. 6 Method #2: Pay-Per-Click Advertising ………………………………………………………. 8 Method #3: Podcasting ……………………………………………………………………….. 10 Method #4: Video Marketing …………………………………………………………………. 12 Method #5: Guest Blogging ………………………………………………………………….. 13 Method #6: eBook Distribution………………………………………………………………. 14 Method #7: Social Networking ………………………………………………………………. 16 Method #8: Torrent Marketing ………………………………………………………………. 18 Method #9: Press Release ……………………………………………………………………. 19 Method #10: Ad Swapping …………………………………………………………………… 21 Method #11: Blog Carnivals ………………………………………………………………….. 22 Method #12: Affiliate Marketing …………………………………………………………….. 23 Method #13: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ………………………………………… 25 Method #14: Contest Marketing …………………………………………………………….. 26 Method #15: List Building Services …………………………………………………………. 27 Method #16: Pay-per-View Advertising ……………………………………………………. 29 Method #17: Pay-per-Download Advertising ……………………………………………… 30 Method #18: Solo Ads ………………………………………………………………………… 31 Method #19: Banner Advertising ……………………………………………………………. 33 Method #20: Social Advertising ……………………………………………………………… 34 Method #21: YouTube Sponsored Ads ……………………………………………………… 36 Method #22: Sponsored Content ……………………………………………………………. 37 Method #23: Retargeting …………………………………………………………………….. 39 Method #24: Offline Promotions …………………………………………………………….. 40 Method #25: Forum Marketing ………………………………………………………………. 41 Method #26: Viral Marketing ………………………………………………………………… 42 Method #27: Post Comments ………………………………………………………………… 44 Final Words ……………………………………………………………………………………… 45

4 Rapid Traffic Secrets


Traffic is something that website owners always worry about. Of course these numbers are as important to online businesses. But what exactly is site traffic and what is with all the fuss?

Simply put, site traffic is the number of people visiting your site and the pages that they click on. Whenever one visits, their presence is recorded and any links they click on are monitored at the same time. Over time, these numbers add up which gives the owner an idea on just how many people drop by. In a sense, site traffic is a measure of the success of websites.

Tracking site traffic is done with help from a variety of tools. Free tools are available but the results gathered may need more interpretation. Still, there are plenty of companies willing to provide this kind of service.

Apart from monitoring though, website owners could also do more to increase site traffic. Considering the amount of competition there may be this is easier said than done. More often than not, getting more site traffic is a time-consuming process that needs a lot of effort. The goal is simple though – get more people to notice the site.

If it does require a lot of time and effort, why would you want to go through all the trouble of getting

5 Rapid Traffic Secrets

more site traffic? What possible benefits could be in store of online businesses? There are a lot in fact.

For one thing, more site traffic means more people are aware about your business. With the kind of information, visitors can quickly become paying customers. Soon enough, your products will be flying off the shelves. This of course means more income for your business.

In other words, site traffic is an important part of doing business online and a key ingredient to success. Quite obviously, site traffic cannot be ignored by online entrepreneurs.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get more traffic for your site. Rapid Traffic Secrets contains some of the most effective methods that will get you into the fast track to success.

So get a move on and get started.

6 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #1: Article Marketing

If you have a knack for writing, you can get the word out through article marketing. In simple terms, this involves coming up with informative text to catch your target market’s attention.

These are the customers that are most likely to need or want your products and services.

The key element to a successful article marketing campaign is information. When writing articles, you should come up with something that people will find useful.

Give out tips, hints, insider secrets and how-to guides among others. Instead of a chance encounter for your website, articles lead potential customers straight to it.

Articles may be written on a blog that is part of the business’ website. Alternatively, blogs may be set up as independent sites with links to the business’ website. An article should always include a link to your own site otherwise the whole exercise is pointless.

The best advantage offered by article marketing is that it drives qualified traffic to your site. More often than not, this leads to better conversion rates where people have a better chance of becoming a paying customer. It does not matter if you are running an

7 Rapid Traffic Secrets

eCommerce site or just a plain one. This method will work as effectively either way.

Setting up a blog is easy with sites such as WordPress and Blogger. You can use these platforms easily and set up a free account or download it on your computer. Alternatively, you can submit your work on article directories such as Ezine Articles, Squidoo and eHow among others.

8 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #2: Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Getting noticed and publishing ads are intimately related. It is no surprised that turning to advertising gets your site more visitors. One of way of doing this is through pay-per-click advertising or PPC. This means ads are paid every time someone clicks on them.

PPC advertising is a cost-effective measure since it only requires you to spend money on a campaign which produces good results. So you get the word out and only pay if it works. It is as simple as that. Fees vary widely and depend on the agreement you make with your affiliates.

Ads appear on search engines and appear in one of two ways. First, sponsored matching allows ads to become visible to people who searched related terms. Second, ads may be displayed on other sites that receive a high volume of traffic. Be careful with which sites to publish though. You want an affiliate who can deliver and keeps a good online reputation.

Some of the best PPC providers include Google with its Google AdWords platform. It allows you to tap into the largest and most commonly used search engine in the world. Not to be outdone is Yahoo Search Marketing.

9 Rapid Traffic Secrets

These are the two biggest players in the industry who will get your business noticed in no time. Other players include Microsoft AdCenter and ABCSearch.

In searching for a PPC provider, you want to review all of its features before signing up. Do some research before launching your campaign. Soon enough, you will get your ad up and start seeing visitors by the boatload.

10 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #3: Podcasting

Podcasting is a relatively new phenomenon which is steadily gaining ground. It has become popular since 2004 and has not looked back since. A podcast is an audio or video file available online for syndication. What makes them stand out is that there is a service which lets users download once a new one is available.

One of the best things about podcasting is that anyone can get into it. Grab a microphone and the proper software and you are good to go. Adding these podcasts to RSS feeds gives wider distribution. Getting them on iTunes would be like hitting the site traffic lottery.

But what should you do with podcasts? It is up to you really. Ideally, your podcasts should stay informative and useful. Remember, people still go for value so that is what you should strive for.

Another thing that podcasting lets you do is reach people with mobile devices. Despite the name, podcasts are not exclusive to iPods and iPhones. Other MP3 players may be used to download and listen to them as well. This way, people on the go are able to hear what you have to say anytime and anywhere.

There are a few things you should know. Podcasts should be uploaded regularly to keep your viewers or

11 Rapid Traffic Secrets

listeners hooked. Unlike videos, these are usually longer as well. The average podcast takes between 20 and 60 minutes long.

Podcasts may be hosted by one of several service providers such as Libsyn, HipCast and GoDaddy. Other sites such as OurMedia can provide the same service as well.

12 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #4: Video Marketing

Video marketing is the slightly older sibling of podcasting. Due to the medium they share, they are closely related as well. At its very core, video marketing involves the use of videos to sell products and services. It is a great method to use for reaching an audience who would have otherwise been missed.

Video marketing may be done in one of two ways. First, ads may be embedded within and existing video. This set-up often involves an ad running before the video’s content itself. Text ads may also appear on the bottom as the video plays. Second, ads may be shot and uploaded online as standalone videos.

Once again, you want to use this medium to create insightful videos about the products you offer. Your business itself could also be the topic for the day. Whatever you do, make sure that your videos are useful for your target market. For instance, you can upload a video about nutrition if you have a site which specializes in baby food.

For better distribution, make your videos as entertaining as possible. This leaves a better impression for your viewers and creates better name recall. Still, you want to keep them informative at the same time. Keep your videos short and within three minutes. Upload them regularly and do not keep your subscribers waiting too long.

13 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Upload your videos on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe. These video sharing sites receive high volumes of traffic. Other options include Blip.TV, Daily Motion and Y! Video.

Method #5: Guest Blogging

Get your thinking cap on and come up with a blog post that your target market will find helpful. You should know that you do not even have to have your own blog to do this method. Of course having an existing one does help a lot here.

Guest blogging is simply writing for someone else’s blog. The idea here is to upload content on their site for some back link included somewhere in the post. This link is placed at the resource box and can be used to direct traffic to your website or your own blog.

To do this, find a suitable blog which relates to your business and products. Contact its owner and see if he or she will allow you to write content for the site. In doing this, you want to be on top of your game. Your article should be written with quality in mind.

Of course do not forget to include links to your site. If you have your own blog, use this opportunity to bring home some of the site traffic. It is completely okay to promote your own blog or site as long as you

14 Rapid Traffic Secrets

keep your end of the bargain. In return, other people may guest blog on your site as well.

Various blogging platforms such as Blogger which is owned by Google are available. This platform already scores major props for Google search engines. Tumblr combines the best of a fully-functioning blog and Twitter updates. This works best for uploading images and video.

Method #6: eBook Distribution

Blog posts can only contain so much information. The average post only runs between 500 and 1000 words after all. In some cases, the space is clearly not enough especially if you have plenty of things to say.

When this happens, writing an eBook is your best bet.

As always, your eBook should be packed with useful information. This time around though, you are not limited by space. Take advantage of this fact and include as much information as you can.

Still, you do not want your eBook to be a longwinded stream of nonsense. Give enough details but make sure that you do not waste your space.

15 Rapid Traffic Secrets

eBooks can cover pretty much anything that is related to your business. Write how-to guides and other bonus material for your potential customers.

The important thing here is that you are sharing something that could help them solve their problems. eBooks may also be used to give your customers a taste of what is in store for them.

Shorter reports may be published for a more concentrated but still detailed piece for your customers.

How you distribute your eBook is up to you. You can have it as a free download from your site or a separate product that customers have to pay for to get access. eBook directories such as Scribd, eBook Search Engines and Project Gutenberg are among the top choices for this purpose.

Best of all, this method may be used by just about anyone from coaches, eCommerce store owners, affiliates and consultants.

16 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #7: Social Networking

With millions of people logging in to their accounts every day, social networking is one of the best ways to get your site noticed. Some of the biggest players include Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and of course Facebook. Those are just the top players and many more clones and knock-offs are there as well.

But what do you do with these social networking sites? The truth is that they were all created for one purpose – sharing content. From blog posts, videos, images and MP3 files, you will have the word out once you hit the “Share” button.

If people like the post, they are most likely to share it in their networks. In effect, this creates an endless stream of content sharing that reaches a wide audience. With a bit of luck and practice, your posts will soon go viral and attract tons of traffic to your site.

Social networking accounts are best used for keeping your customers posted on anything and everything about your business. Post status updates on your products or services. How about inviting everyone to an event you organized? Social networking is the easiest and most effective way to get your message across.

17 Rapid Traffic Secrets

The beauty of social networking is that accounts can be integrated. Upload content on one account and you have the option of sharing it on other networks as well. This makes it easier to share contents and updates.

Creates accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon to promote your business. You do not have to spend a dime on social networking making it worth the shot.

18 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #8: Torrent Marketing

Sharing smaller files such as blog posts, articles and podcasts is one thing but doing that with software is another. Software is usually bigger making them difficult to upload and share. The solution is to upload them to file sharing sites which allow files of bigger sizes. But how do people get access to them?

Files may be turned into torrents which people can download. These torrents will appear every time a search is done that pulls up the file related to it. Torrent marketing works best for people engaged in the software industry. However, others can adapt this for their use.

Torrent file names need to contain related keywords for better search engine returns. This allows people to quickly locate your file.

What about content? Torrents may be used to lead your customers to your free demo. Give them a taste of what you have to offer. Software lets them get a hands-on approach for what is in store for them.

Torrent marketing is a free traffic method and is a cost-effective way of sharing larger files. All you need here is the proper software for submitting your torrent to directories. This also lets you create torrents and upload to other networks.

19 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Mininova, Isohunt, and Torrent Portal are among the most popular torrent directories.

For this to work, you need to download bittorrent clients such as BitTorrent, Deluge and Vuze. This is a free method you cannot do without. Plan ahead and see which types of files you want to share with your customers.

Method #9: Press Release

In some cases, the best way to get attention is to ask for it. This is what press releases do for online businesses. Press releases are published in PR sites to get attention and hopefully coverage from media organizations.

Press releases attract site traffic in one of two ways. First, it is optimized with keywords that give it a good ranking in search engines. Second, it generates publicity for your business.

A well-written press release is quite hard to come up with. By contrast, including the appropriate keywords, titles and tags is much easier and is more likely to get noticed by journalists. With a bit of practice though, you will get the hang of it and start writing like a pro.

The effectiveness of a press release relies on how well it was written. Ranking well in search engines

20 Rapid Traffic Secrets

means just using the right keywords in the right parts.

To generate publicity though, you want to write one using the proper format, newsworthy topic and the best information. In short, you want to generate interest and rouse curiosity.

It is advisable to follow the proper format for press releases. Publicity Insider has a quick guide on how to write press releases that is easy to understand as well.

Press releases are submitted to PR sites for exposure. Some of the best includes NPR, Directions Mag, PR Log and Newswire Today. These sites receive the most volumes of traffic out of other PR sites. Note that some may require you to register to be able to upload press releases.

21 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #10: Ad Swapping

Advertising is usually conducted as a solo campaign. You hire ad space and post your ads there to get the word out. On the other hand, it is possible to find a partner and conduct an ad swapping campaign as well.

Ad swapping is both profitable and disappointing at the same time. This depends on how you play your cards. Two list owners agree to send an endorsement to their list for the other owners offer. Each list owner then sends traffic to the other to build up their lists.

This sort of arrangement is one of the best ways to build a mailing list. However, the other guys list might be unresponsive. When this happens, you may end up getting more than you are giving out. Your partner may not even give at all. These are the risks in ad swapping.

To minimize the risks, make sure that your partner in ad swapping receives roughly the same traffic as you do. It also helps if you already trust the person.

When ad swapping does work, it works really good. Another thing is that you can swap other things as well. This includes blog subscribers and banner placements on each others site.

22 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Blog platforms often list similar blogs to your own under the “blogroll” label. This is a good place to start looking for a suitable ad swapping partner. With the potential benefits of this method, you are very likely to be heard out. Just be sure that your site is also doing well.

Method #11: Blog Carnivals

One of the best ways to attract more site traffic is blog carnivals. This method works best if you are in a niche industry. It is a great way to strengthen your relationship with marketing partners as well. And did you know you get free traffic at the same time?

No need to create a blog carnival although it helps if you are. If you are not you can always find and join and existing one.

A group of bloggers concerned with the same topic in their fields make up a blog carnival. They all agree to blog about the same topic for a set period of time. Blog carnivals may be recurring events happening at regular intervals. This is beneficial for both audiences who get to hear from different bloggers and bloggers who get more audience.

Blog carnivals are a fun way to increase traffic to your site. It is something you can actually enjoy while you are doing it. No need for confusing algorithms and complicated programming and web

23 Rapid Traffic Secrets

design. You just do what you do best – talk about something you already like. Now how hard could that be?

Finding a blog carnival is not as challenging as it sounds. All you need to do is hop over to Google and look for one. Just type in your niche’s blog topic followed by “blog carnival.” Contact the organizer and see if they have room for one more. Alternatively, you can create your own if you already know other bloggers.

Method #12: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of those traffic methods that work all by itself – that is if you do it right. In this method, you ask other people to do the marketing for you. In exchange, you agree to share some of your profit by percentage or by commissions. For this to work, you need to use shopping cart software. This allows you to share a referral link with your affiliates.

A good affiliate will crank out traffic and lead them directly to your site. Since they are entitled to incentives, they will do everything they can to do this. They cannot do this on their own though. You will have to provide them with the necessary resources and training for this to work.

24 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Good news is yet to come. Like PPC advertising, you do not have to spend a dime on affiliate marketing until a sale is made. This makes it a cost-effective marketing method. At the same time, it works wonders for bringing more traffic to your site.

Of course you want to recruit affiliates who already receive high volumes of traffic on their sites. Otherwise, this whole deal will collapse. Make sure that you both agree on the pay rate as well. You want to give a decent amount for them to earn a profit without affecting yours.

Affiliates are best found by doing a quick Google search using keywords that relate to your business. The first few websites should be considered potential affiliates. Contact the site’s owners and make your pitch. In some cases though, potential affiliates will come knocking at your door.

25 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #13: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the granddaddy of all traffic methods. In fact, most other methods mimic the same thing done here. Simply put, SEO involves using keywords that people type in when making an online search. The goal here is to improve site ranking to get more traffic.

When you do SEO, you do one thing – come out on top. Think about it. Out of the millions of search results plastered on the results page, people will only check the ones on the first page. This is why it is important to get your site or blog there. Ideally, you want to claim the top spot.

Getting first place on search engines usually means ranking number one in Google. However, this could also mean being number one in other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and YouTube among others.

SEO is a broad umbrella term which includes pretty much everything else on this list. It is quite difficult to single out one aspect since they are all connected with each other. Techniques range from simple metadata editing to altering some elements of the HTML code of your site.

As such, many website owners opt to hire a SEO expert of firm. Some of the best include Customer

26 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Magnetism, Server SideDesign, Nebo Agency and Bruce Clay, Inc. These guys have everything you need to dominate your keyword list and come out on top of the rankings. See what they have to offer and the price tag for their services before hiring a service provider.

Method #14: Contest Marketing

The best way to get more traffic to your site is to offer an incentive for people to visit. Holding a contest is one of the best ways to do this. The good news is that this method is flexible enough to accommodate any of your marketing goals. You can use RSS Feeds, get more back links and drive up profits. The only limits here are your willingness to take risks and your creativity.

Look around and you will see that most contests put up the latest iPad or other electronic gadgets up for grabs. Of course you can break away from the usual and offer other prizes. For better results, you may want to consider offering a prize that is specific to your market.

Apart from the prize, you have to come up with the mechanics of the contest as well. In most cases, commenting on a YouTube video and getting the most “likes” for it gets the win. This generates a lot

27 Rapid Traffic Secrets

of buzz around your site and is a sure-fire way to get more visitors.

You can even ask people to promote your blog or website for you. Just tell them that the biggest promoter gets a prize for bringing in the most number of new subscribers or site visitors.

Contests are an easy way to generate a lot of publicity in a relatively short period of time. It can be used to do a lot of things and not just attract site traffic. Find the proper blend of exciting prize and easy mechanics and you are in for a treat.

Method #15: List Building Services

List building is one of the most obvious ways to attract traffic to your site. This involves getting as much email addresses as you can from potential customers.

Of course this requires time and effort which you may not have. But did you know that you can hire someone else to do this for you?

The truth is that there are plenty of list building service providers out there. One such provider is ViralURL. This site has powerful lead generation and traffic tools. Essentially, it is a program that helps build your downline on autopilot.

28 Rapid Traffic Secrets

You can start emailing to your list from five to seven levels deep. One bonus feature you will find helpful is that ViralURL protects your affiliate commissions.

This site also lets its members upload your banner ads for rotation on other members’ sites. It is a great way to advertise and promote your site through a clever banner advertisement system.

Another extremely powerful feature that is often underestimated, is their Social Message Center which allows their members to see exactly what kind of email subjects and email body copy gets the best results right now, based on live mailing statistics.

Other services such as ViralinBox.com do more than let you send emails. Apart from this service, they help you keep your email inbox clean, free of spam and organized. In fact, a lot of the other List Building Services recommend to start by getting yourself a ViralinBox.com account first.

29 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #16: Pay-per-View Advertising

Like it’s cousin PPC advertising, PPV advertising requires you to pay up only when you get the results you want. In this case, action is taken only if your ad is viewed by someone. Note that this method also goes by the name of CPV advertising.

PPV advertising works as ads shown as pop-ups every time a pre-determined action is taken. For instance, pop-ups appear when someone triggers a targeting option set in your advertising campaign. In most cases, targeting options are web addresses or keywords.

Advertising an internet marketing blog would mean targeting other sites that are related to it. This includes marketing and business blogs. The proper keywords are used to locate these blogs. Ads then appear as pop-ups to anyone who goes to any one of these sites or after typing the keywords that trigger such an action.

Of course pop-up advertisements carry a bad reputation among internet users. The good news is that PPV advertising is not like the ones from before. Users have the option of turning off pop-ups or allowing them to appear.

30 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Most PPC advertising providers are also PPV capable. Check out sites such as AdBrite and AdBlade. Be sure to check their features and all the services it offers its clients. You want to select one that fits your PPV campaign perfectly.

Use pop-ads to lead potential customers directly to your site. Alternatively, you can use this space for other promotions such as contests, free giveaways and as an opt-in or squeeze page.

Method #17: Pay-perDownload Advertising

Like torrent marketing, software marketers make the most out of this traffic method. Still, those who are not engaged in the software industry are free to use this method. Essentially, ads are shown after someone downloads something that is related to your product. A charge is made if that person downloads your software or application as well.

You should know that this traffic method can get you thousands of new traffic for your site. There is simply a huge volume of traffic from PPD advertising. This is why it is a good idea to develop a widget, an application or programs whenever applicable.

The web browser Google Chrome has an app store where such programs may be downloaded. You can use this platform as a means of distribution for your

31 Rapid Traffic Secrets

programs to reach a wider audience at the same time.

Your app does not have to be complicated at all. In fact, the most popular apps have very basic ideas behind them. For instance, “Turn Off the Lights” had over 37,000 installs weekly. It is a simple program that lets you control the brightness of your screen and everything around the video.

So what app you can come up with depends on your creativity and imagination. You can also use the iTunes App Store for the same purpose. This lets you reach the mobile users market easily.

With enough popularity, your app could go viral and be passed around by word of mouth which means free publicity for you. This is an opportunity you surely do not want to miss out on.

Method #18: Solo Ads

Unlike ad swapping, solo ads are just an advertising campaign on solo flight. There are a few similarities though. Emailing is still done but you do not have to do the same thing anymore. Instead, you pay someone else to mention you to their subscribers.

This method works by letting you place an ad about your business on someone else’s emails. In effect, this lets you reach a wider audience beyond your own. Of course this is a great way to spread the

32 Rapid Traffic Secrets

word and get people interested about your products and services.

There are plenty of different directories and companies that let you do this. Check out solo ads providers such as Solo Ads Only, and Discount Solo Ads. They have the widest and lowest rates anywhere on the web. Still, prices vary from cheap to a few thousand dollars and are based on the quality and size of the list. You can get a decent campaign up and running with only a few hundred dollars.

Make full use of solo ads by driving their site traffic to your own email opt-ins. In other words, use this as an opportunity to build your list from theirs. Soon enough, you will reach tens of thousands of new subscribers and potential customers.

A solo ad campaign is a great way to build up traffic to your site. Use this traffic method wisely and you will see the numbers rise to levels you never expected. If you are having trouble doing this, you can always get help from the experts.

33 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #19: Banner Advertising

Banner advertising has already proven its worth as a traffic generation method. It has stood the test of time and continues be one of the most effective methods of its kind. In its simplest form, banner advertising involves paying someone for a place for your ad on their site.

Banner advertising may be conducted in one of several ways. First, you can search out websites within your market segment and approach them one by one. This lets you have more control on where your ads are placed but it does require a lot of time on your part. Second, you can always use a banner network.

A banner network is easy enough to understand. This is just a network that has plenty of ad space available. You simply approach them and tell them that you want your ads placed on other websites. You get to pick through a catalog of available websites, locations and banner sizes.

Some of the best ad networks around the web are Clicksor, ePilot, Text Link Ads and Shopzilla among others. Of course Google AdSense still scores top points for being a major player in the industry. These networks may work in the same way but some have better features than others.

34 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Your choice for banner exchange networks is not limited as well. Choices include The Banner Exchange as well as Click 4 Click.

The key to a successful banner advertising campaign is to not make your banner ad look like an ad. This will only turn off people from clicking on it. Additionally, you want to include links to your site or blog as well.

Method #20: Social Advertising

Social networks are such a great tool for generating more traffic that it may be used for this purpose in more ways than one. Apart from sharing content over these networks, you may also place ads on them. Enter social advertising.

Have you ever noticed those small pictures with text underneath them on your Facebook page? That is a prime example of social advertising. Now with millions of users logging in each day, how could you resist all that potential site traffic coming your way? You should not do that at all.

No matter which social network you pick, they all work in pretty much the same way. Essentially, you are putting up a hybrid ad (banner and text) on social networks. Payment is based on a PPC model for displaying these ads. Equally important is the use

35 Rapid Traffic Secrets

of selection boxes and keywords for targeting the right kind of people.

You can choose to advertise on pretty much any social network there is. POF ads and MyAds are just among the top choices. Of course you cannot afford to miss out on Facebook Ads. The short posts on Twitter may also be used to place links for ads on other sites.

How you conduct your social advertising campaign is entirely up to you. Do not forget social bookmarking sites such as Del.icio.us, Reddit and Technocrati as well. Never underestimate the amount of traffic that these sites can bring to your website.

Signing up for a free account is easy. Make sure that you upload content regularly to make the most out of social advertising.

36 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #21: YouTube Sponsored Ads

One of the newest traffic methods available today are sponsored ads on YouTube. It works pretty much like everything else does. The only difference here is that ads are placed on videos that your target market might be watching.

Advertisements appear as the video placed. They show up as text ads at the bottom part of the video which eventually disappear when closed or at a certain point of the video.

Placing sponsored ads on YouTube videos is easy but it does require a bit of research. For one thing, you want to use keywords that relate to your topic. Another thing you should do is create and upload a video about your topic. Obviously, this requires some planning and preparation.

Of course you will have to pay for this kind of advertisement. With the level of exposure you are getting, it will be worth it. YouTube receives the third highest volume of traffic on the internet after all. Payment is done based on a PPC or PPV arrangement. The specific details depend on the deal you make.

If done right, your video about “Baby Foods” will take the top spot not just on YouTube but on other

37 Rapid Traffic Secrets

search engines as well. Any related searches are bound to turn up the same results.

You need a YouTube account which is free for this to work. Once in, you can upload your video and wait for the results. It is that simple. You can also use Promoted Video Ads for more exposure.

Method #22: Sponsored Content

Perhaps you have seen a commercial showing on television? If you have, then you have seen sponsored content and have a basic idea on how it works.

In simple terms, sponsored content involves paying for any kind of content published on the internet. This means tweets, blog posts, reviews and even a simple mention on the YouTube comments section. Essentially, is you are paying to get noticed, you are sponsoring content.

The reason behind doing this is simple. Wherever you choose to have sponsored content already receives a high volume of traffic. In effect, it lets you tap into a cash cow and redirect some of that traffic to your own site or blog.

For instance, there are already a few videos already set up for the Car Tuning niche. If you have a blog or

38 Rapid Traffic Secrets

an online store which specializes in auto accessories, you can pay to be mentioned in these videos to drive traffic to your site.

In a sense, sponsored content does half the work for you. Instead of coming up with original content, you only have to find someone who already gets tons of traffic and pay to be mentioned. This saves you much time and effort in setting up a site and all the maintenance that go with it.

As you can see, sponsored content works best for niche markets where it can be difficult to attract site traffic due to the limited number of subscribers.

39 Rapid Traffic Secrets

Method #23: Retargeting

Another relative newcomer to the traffic generation scene is retargeting. This works by placing a code on your site that “tags” everyone who visits through cookies. Any visitor who does not buy from you is shown advertisements from you on other sites that they visit.

The point here is to make people think that your site is more popular than it really it is. This is done by making them see your ads just about anywhere they go. Retargeting networks make this happen by buying up ad space across the internet and waiting for tagged visitors to serve ads to.

In a sense, this traffic method increases your exposure and actually follows your potential customers around every time they surf the web. Chances are you attract qualified leads with this method as well.

Retargeting involves changing a part of the programming code of a website. As such, you want to hire an expert who knows exactly what to do. The method may be new but there are plenty of providers you can rely on.

There are ad networks which are capable of retargeting. Ad Roll is the best choice for advertisers with its top-rating ROI. Publishers will find Criteo better suits their interests. Google AdWords is also

40 Rapid Traffic Secrets

capable of retargeting but is limited only to Google’s own database.

Retargeting is a relatively new concept in traffic generation. Still, it does show a lot of promise on delivering good results. If you are looking for a new traffic method you can use, this is the one to go for.

Method #24: Offline Promotions

Often overlooked, promoting offline does work wonders for online businesses and websites. In fact, it is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your site. Did you know that offline promotions are also done for free?

Computers are everywhere and no one can argue with that. People also spend more time on the internet especially in these modern times. Still, life has not moved completely on the World Wide Web. This makes offline promotions such an effective traffic generation tool.

In truth, offline promotions are one of the best traffic methods. It is guaranteed to give good results especially when used properly. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to promote offline. Most are traditional methods that have not gone out of fashion.

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Your site’s URL may be printed on our business card. This in turn may be given away at big events such as corporate gatherings of industry fairs. Alternatively, you can promote your site by giving away free stuff such as coupons in such events.

There is also tons of merchandise you can sell to make money on the side. Anything from t-shirts, to coffee mugs and even bumper stickers may be used to promote your site. Be sure that you include your IRL or at least your logo for name recall. If you can create a brand out of it then you get better results.

Offline promotions are a great way to generate more traffic especially when you have done it all. Not a lot of people are doing this so better be one of the pioneers before competition gets tough.

Method #25: Forum Marketing

Online forums get over a million visitors each day making them a sizeable source of site traffic and potential customers. You should know that there are forums which exist for specific niches and topics. If you are marketing to a specific niche, you cannot miss this opportunity.

Forum marketing is a bit trickier than your average traffic method. For one thing, you have to make

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intelligent posts to be seen as a helpful member of the online community. Over time however, you will be seen as such. It is more than likely for you to develop expert status as well.

More often than not, forums allot a space where you put just about anything you want. Forum signatures are a great place for back links that lead directly to your site. Deep links that lead to an internal page may also be placed although they are not always allowed.

Finding an online forum for your topic is not that difficult. All you need to do is a quick online search and you are good to go. Register for a free account and be sure to follow the rules. Never attempt to make a sales pitch anywhere on the site. This will only result in you getting kicked out and banned permanently.

Forum marketing is a great traffic generating method especially when done right. In some cases, it is one of your best shots at success. You do not even have to pay for it to work at all. It does require a lot of work and consumes a lot of time as well. So remember, do your best and do not screw it up.

Method #26: Viral Marketing

No one wants to get a virus plain and simple. However, people who want more site traffic better be getting into viral marketing. Just like a virus, this

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type of marketing has the potential for unlimited returns once content catches on.

When people like your content, they start sharing and sending it within their social networks. Viral marketing works because it is essentially a marketing strategy that only needs to start up. Once it goes, it goes on by itself without any further input. It is certainly one of the best free traffic methods available today.

Viral content is distributed automatically by people who keep sharing them. Your only concern here is coming up with one and submitting it to various popular sites. From here, users pick up the slack and do all the work for you.

Virtually anything can go viral these days. Videos seem to be the ones that get the best circulation. Still, images, good articles and presentation also work the same way. You can use any medium you want. However, coming up with content that can go viral is a tougher nut to crack.

With the potential for unlimited return though, viral marketing is worth the shot. If you are feeling lucky and think you have what it takes, feel free to give it a go. Just remember to place a back link or URL somewhere or your effort would have all been in vain.

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Method #27: Post Comments

One of the most important but often overlooked features of websites is the comments section. Apart from providing a place for opinions, rants and everything in between, posting comments is a great way to attract more traffic to your site or blog.

Once you again, you place a back link or URL somewhere in your comment for people to follow. What sets commenting apart is that it lets you build up your brand name as well.

More often than not, you will encounter the same people on the comments section. Over time, these are the people you come to know and trust. Of course if you have a well-known brand, people will start trusting you and will hold your word with higher value. The result is a better online reputation and expert status. Now that is something money cannot buy.

All this is done just by giving a piece of your mind. No more keywords, video productions and other time-consuming tasks. Just weigh in on your opinion and you are good to go. Of course this traffic method is free as well.

Posting comments is best done on high-traffic sites such YouTube, Facebook, niche forums and anywhere they allow comments to be posted. Just follow the rules and avoid spamming.

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Final Words

You have just learned 27 new ways to boost traffic that comes to your site. With these methods in your arsenal, you can now expect to generate more leads. In turn, you will see your profits rise as well.

Still, these traffic methods require initiative on your part. If you want to be successful, you want give as much time and effort as you can to make these work. These traffic methods work fast but not overnight. Keep in mind that some of them require a bit of maintenance work as well.

As a bonus tip, always remember that the key to a successful campaign is the follow through. Once you start on something, you should never give up somewhere in the middle. Keep going until you get the results that you want.

So good luck and may all your efforts bear fruit!

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